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So often when one pursue the quest to create wealth, they do so without truly understanding, as well, as appreciating, what wealth creation is really all about. While it is true it may have different meanings for anyone seeking to create wealth, what is equally true is that creating wealth involves a deeper meaning that those who have really been successful in creating wealth truly appreciate, and understand.Money, IT’s Purpose & Real ValueThe pursuit of money is a continuous, never ending focus of the majority of people today. This intense focus on the part of some people, governments, those in the business community, just to name a few, have resulted in many cases individuals, organizations literally operating out of their minds. This coupled with losing the deeper meaning of the role money really play in our lives. So the question becomes what is the purpose of money? Money as we know it, coins, paper notes, or beads is really currency that is a means of exchange. Money in itself has no power. It receives it power through the value we or society assign it. Example, a sliver of printed paper is assigned value $1, $10, $50, $100 for the purpose of exchange. At any moment, that paper with assigned value could be declared worthless. So the singular pursuit of money in itself, does not guarantee overall prosperity, and abundance.Understanding Prosperity and AbundanceWhen speaking or thinking of prosperity, we are really thinking of thriving, flourishing, the good things of life, success, affluence, good fortune. On the other hand abundance, is having a fullness, as well, as an overflow of supply. Both prosperity and abundance, are freed from the limitations that are connected in the pursuit of money. Successful wealth creators truly understand their pursuit is really about prosperity, and abundance.

Why? Because both are available with unlimited capacity. Additionally, wealth creators are aware, understand, and appreciate that more, and more of everything is available to be created that lead to prosperity, as well, abundance. They recognize the power of the energies that emit from both prosperity & abundance. The more one’s journey is for prosperity and abundance, the more the actual manifestations of wealth becomes a reality. This include manifestations of joy, happiness, wisdom along with physical manifestations that may include wellness, things of value that is intrinsic, extrinsic, or assigned value like money.What these manifestations do not bring that comes with the singular pursuit of money, is fear & resistance. The singular pursuit of money bring the fear of either not having enough money, the fear of retaining what one have, the fear of being obsessed with money, to mention a few. These fears coupled with the resistance to the pursuit of prosperity, along with abundance. There is resistance to these because the belief of “money pursuers” is that through money prosperity, as well, as abundance is created. They don’t see that prosperity & abundance is linked with an unlimited source. They don’t see that there aren’t any fears attached with abundance & prosperity. Perhaps even greater is that they don’t see that once one truly make the conscious decision to pursue prosperity, abundance they become free to create the unlimited means to complete freedom, wealth, success, joy, happiness. Creating financial freedom, creating the reality of your dreams for your family, yourself, as well, as for others only occurs through surrendering to creation to the pursuit of total wellness, prosperity, and abundance.The PlanThere are choices that anyone seeking to create wealth must make. First, is deciding how you choose to live? Will you choose the singular path of money, by living below your means? Will you continue to think, live through psycho-midgetis? The pursuit of wealth is not about less. The creating of wealth is not about limitations. Embracing the concept that the physical, including money, will create the fulfillment of your dreams is a course riddle with limitations, fears, resistance. On the other hand, embracing, activating the unlimited course of prosperity and abundance render an ongoing flow of fulfilling, rewarding manifestations. Secondly, you must choose between remaining in the status quo, or breaking free and embracing a higher reality. The status quo is based on controls, riddle with limitations. The higher reality, is based on embracing consciousness of that prosperity, as well, as abundance is anchored on a level that transcends any physical pursuit. Achieving a successful and fulfilling wealth creation plan starts with consciously committing to embracing, growing the energy of prosperity, as well, as abundance. This is the foundation of your overall plan. The stronger you build this foundation, the greater fulfillment becomes. The Plan therefore is quite simple. The real creation of wealth is ‘spiritual’. Therefore the foundation of the plan involve these steps:

• Begin the consciousness, awareness, and commitment to transcend from the vigorous pursuit of physical manifestations.• Seek and develop a spiritual consciousness ( this is not a matter of religious membership), Pursuing prosperity and abundance first and foremost with the clear understanding, as well, as appreciation of the unlimited reserve of both.• Developing an awareness that this is the spiritual pursuit that produces an endless flow of the physical manifestations, things of assigned value, like money, additional assets. Not the other way around.. • Finally creating wealth is the growth of prosperity and abundance we individually achieve. The more you grow in prosperity and abundance, the more your physical manifestations grow as well.With your special talents you have the opportunity to create, as well, as implement your plan.